Plumbers, Crack and Faux Fur

Seriously I went looking for you today and noticed …
well wut ever…I think you are deleting me to make me think that
I am deleting you…

Then I add you back cuz I think well I am an ass for doing that…
and then I think wait why did I delete Swank…

I would not do that again…because he took so long to add me back and I really really really like your posts…and I have known you forever!!!

they are like crack only better, your posts…not that I know what crack is like…I may have smoked a joint but crack….who would do something called Crack…

when you say the word crack…well at least for me

I think of some overweight plumber with half his hairy ass crack hanging out…that is not a pretty sight I am sure….and why am I thinking of a hairy plumber’s ass crack…a well built muscled ass crack lain  out on faux fur would be a better crack to picture…
maybe that is the reason people smoke crack they think of a good looking, artistic, sexy crack and they smoke it thinking they are gonna see nice cracks but in reality they get hooked and look like the guy pictured below.

I am sure you are thinking why the hell is she going on like this…but I have decided to bravely embrace my insanity and just go with it…and share all the random crazy shit in my head…because you know someone might actually like this, doubt it… but whatever…add me back, please! Thanks in advance.
This guy pictured below could be your long lost half brother …. the resemblance is uncanny…I swear!


ps I am sharing this conversation on my blog along with a pic of you and your long lost half-brother

hope you are okay with that because I already blogged this.

probably really assuming that you wouldn’t care but this conversation, notably, with myself, is worth sharing,

at least for me it made me giggle.


5 thoughts on “Plumbers, Crack and Faux Fur

  1. As your friend (aka bestest friend) This being the first time reading your blogs I must say well done.
    To those who don’t know you personally let me tell you, this is exactly how a hysterically and sometimes annoying crazy bitch really thinks. Unbelievable right? I know its taken me some time toget use to it… I’m talking years, no lie. She is who she is and she is… Mt friend. Love ya

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