Fucktastically beautiful…virgin dicks…Rush hour

What the hello world, I am here…
But wait!!! I am having serious fucking doubts… And now my mind is pushing me to, onward we go, me and my mind or is it?
The frightened side of my mind and me…
Because my brain, is fucktastically beautiful like this…

The brain has complete control folks!

We think we, the sentient part of us, is the ruling force in our bodies but in reality its a bunch of signals and transmitters and hormones and then, ZAPS goes my brain and my thought are rethinking themselves in a different direction… Like whipping a u turn in the middle of the interstate during rush hour, it’s not logical!

To you, but to me… fucktastically beautiful!!!

Maybe that’s why so many of those like me at one point in time in the struggle the difficult and profound grapplings with mental illness, we have a mentalastrophe, and boom we are seriously thinking this is not so fucktastically beautiful, it’s a bit of a torment, it’s a bit of a problem, it’s a bit of a hassle, and people simply disregard us as nutty, or crazy, or different, when in reality we are nutty crazy different…


Because our brains are like virgin dicks, and quickly we slow down, eventually we cycle out of being Fucktastic to being a wee bit enormously sad.


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