Kitty Quickies and Dresses…WTH?

I can’t sleep and as usual I go to my pc, open up the bowser and here I am trying to blog about something that somebody will read and find it useful or meaningful.

But tonight I am at a loss so here is a list of items.

Random Shit People Google In the Middle of the Night.

?Maybe…Just ME?

Apparently, yes IS the answer to the last link.

Strangely, Crohns can be funny at least for me…my way of coping. But not really, it’s all about poop and pain folks. POOP & PAIN & PREDNISONE fueled rages and tears!

Ragsy Luca Walker, while sitting on his haunches, will rapidly follow nothing, as if something IS there. I should get that checked out.  I should call the vet in the morning.


 This is Luca, I stopped mid blog to take his picture, I woke him up, and he has this look…”Really you woke me up to take my picture?”

The gray fur ball is Jackie Jack the Pirate Cat, (take note of the tipped ear). It’s a TNR thing, in case Jackie gets out and gets caught in a TNR trap, they release him back to the feral wilds!

** No Jackie is not sniffing Luca’s butt, he’s irritated too and trying to curl back up to sleep.  Or maybe Jackie IS sniffing because he lost his….nah, nope not going there…Never mind.

Note to self: I swear they sleep head to ass all the time I should take more pictures and share them. You never know “Cats sleeping head to ass” might replace “Cute kitten photo’s”?

Doubtful but here’s one for the weirdo’s who notice this oddity.  And why am I continuing to write in italics?

That apparently is something only my cats are doing.

So there you have it, from quickies, to dresses and kitties.

Random shit in 30 minutes.

Aside from taking the time to add the link up and the benefit of the links opening in a new browser. Your Welcome!