The Versatile Blogger Award

While I have been away on a self loathing hiatus I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by, My Crazy Life. THANK YOU!!!!

Go read their blog, because you will get a free kitten and or puppy, or both. Not really but you probably clicked already so GOTCHA!!!!

The Versatile Blogger Award





  1. Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice. When considering a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, keep in mind the quality of their writing, the uniqueness of their subject matter and the level of love displayed on the virtual page.
  3. Link your nominees and let them know about their nomination.
  4. Share seven facts about yourself.
Seven facts about me
  1. I have Crohns Colitis.
  2. I am NUTS.
  3. I have a penchant for Korean soap opera’s.
  4. I am scared of most people and will use wildly inappropriate humor or anecdotes to scare folks away. Oddly this doesn’t work but only seems to endear them to me, much to my amusement and amazement.
  5. I have a weakness for anything to do with Henry the VIII.
  6. I wear lots of flannel shirts all year round.
  7. I think everyone is waaay more fabulous than me.

And my 15 nominees are



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