Punching Myself in the Face, Potatoes, Squiggles & Giggles

I am tired!

Yep I am gonna whine, and already my brain is telling me…

Shut the FUCK up, whiny ass!


*I am rolling my eyes at my brain and thinking okay that is not me talking to me from my brain but some distant voice mingled with a present voice and a careful approach to this ranty rant in order.

I am tired! This is one of those days where the will to keep going, to keep pushing, the running and then pick up the Steppy (step-son) to make sure the abode is spotless for tomorrows visitors, to make sure there are no large sticks that some one might put their eye out on in the yard while hunting for eggs, and thinking to myself why the HELL’S BELLS am I doing this by myself. I still have to go to grocery, I still have to prepare some appetizer trays, boil 2 dozen eggs, make potatoe salad,

What the fuck squiggle line that tells me I spelled potatoe incorrectly?

!!Yes, I Googled it!!

I can’t explain why I find this bizarre and worth entertaining.

It’s spelled correctly…but it is still bothering me is there an alternative universe creeping across the digital world reaching out to me? Is it speaking to me to spell it…never mind…this is a F**cking SQUIRREL moment…

Yes there is a potato universe…



Where was I? Oh yes that salad made with the brownish, sometimes yellowish things, dug up from the dirt. originating from Peru, brought here by Spanish dudes, and is now the world’s fourth largest crop, DEEP BREATHE, salad. Educate yourself further.

Right now I am hating my brain…SIGHING… as I hear giggling in the back ground, somewhere around my  Limbic System, I researched it, and skimmed it, go read it for yourself, limbic sounds viable. I am thinking that giggle better be setting off a slew of happy freaking chemicals, but I doubt it. I keep trying to force myself into a state of go-go-go, but it’s not so-so-so. I should get up from here and go to the shopping, but honestly I want to sleep-sleep-sleep.


SO why not just go to sleep? I am allowing you to feel all the wonderful symptoms of being tired.

Really? Just Really Brain?  Maybe you need to talk to Anxiety/Panic.

I feel like tomorrow morning I am going to be yelling and barking orders, and making every one feel absolutely miserable. And you are like woo hoo let’s F**UCKING SLEEP??

Uhm yeah, I am.

You’re a smug bitch, Brain, and if I could punch you in the face without hurting myself,…

Yes, but you can’t so you won’t and this argument will inevitably end with you losing,

This sleepy song sounds kind of scary and so is the voice…but I am not a good judge of voice, soooooo, moving on…

NO! Once again here we are at the precipice of sleep and you are going to dictate what is going on. I am thinking that this has been a ritual for far too many years, and it needs to STOP! The need to stay awake and do the things that I need to get done…should be up to me.

Wait, you don’t need to do anything, it’s a want, a desire, and WHY? 

Because I have folks coming over, and they have been told there will be food and drink and a place to mingle, and eggs to hunt, and well I am the hostess, and I sooo badly wanna be the GOOD hostess! Call it my Southwestern upbringing…

Amy Vanderbilt…I have this cook book and it’s illustrated by Andy Warhol, and worth a meager 80 bucks. But yes it’s in a book in case you ever want to or need to know.

Wait, as I recall there was always several women in the kitchen when you were growing up, all of them preparing laughing cooking, bonding as we females do…why not get the women to pitch in? ASk them for help? 

UGH, that’s like saying I can’t do it myself.

So, pride…hmmm, I am thinking of a quote.

funny animals cute cats falling

Yes, I think I can go for that…and tomorrow you ask for help, you allow the other ladies, to come into your world, and don’t be scared, your aloof, it’s a part of you and no one really cares. It’s all in your head, but not, but is, but really you are okay. Breathe!

Thanks Brain I am so glad we had this talk.