Writer’s block.

Well if I were a real writer maybe this post would make sense.

But it’s these damn meds. for the mood disorder that are well making writing, reading, and hell if math was to be done…

Oh wait look at the cats!

Or no look at this book I am trying to read!

Oh, there is laundry to be folded?

Now I have cats that are trying to avoid me due to my over attentiveness.

A book that I could have read in three days, still waiting to be finished.

And I don’t know what is clean and dirty in the laundry room anymore…it looks as if it exploded with baskets and clothes.

Maybe I should back up to the meds.

I am trying to get them straightened around to where they work well enough for me again. So as always first is taking care of the Bipolar part of my brain. This comes with mood stabilization…

Oh mania how I miss you. You with your spurts of…ON second thought nope, but with the mania came this bizarre hyper-focus. Now it could be house cleaning most of the time…re-arranging furniture, a kid and one of their quirks, that damn spot in the carpet, the yard and the flowers. Sure I would get things done, and I HAD to finish them.

But then again, many projects… well my garage is full of them and you get the point.

Anyhow, the longer I get in a state of calm, the less I know what to do with myself, and the more apparent my lack of focus is becoming, especially to ME!!!

So know that I have a ton of drafts waiting to be finished, but right now, my hamsters are running at high capacity, but the squirrels can’t make up which line of thought to go with.



3 thoughts on “F**king SQUIRRELS!

  1. and breathe………….. your mind is spinning with ideas. It is a great rush sometimes but please try and take care of you :0 try and be still. Sorry for doling out the advice xxx At least you got this post down 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should at least know me minimally by now…I roll with it…but if there are mean comments I will moderate them into something happy and funny…but I don’t expect meany behavior from you. HUGSFRIEND!


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