Poisonous laughing people…

I have so many drafts and some are nothing more than titles. I thought it would be fun share these moments when everything freezes in my brain and I draw…BLANK.

1.Poisonous magnets and other passivey aggressivey things that make me smile and inspire me…


2.My Psychologist says…


3.Spider and the Mirror


4.Sometimes I miss people, including the one’s who hurt me


5.Maniacal Laughter Only I hear


6.Morbidly fascinated


7.What is WRONG with People?!


8.Is SHE allowed to say that?


9.Up Down In and Out


Well out of 17 unfinished products of writing, I can say that I am very proud of the titles that were constructed with great care to catch your eye and peak your interest.

While writing this I called a friend.


We agreed that I sounded like Alex Trebek reading the categories off for Jeopardy. If you are feeling froggy create answers. I will be eagerly anticipating your replies.