I am Baaack!

First of all are any of you still here?

I seriously hope you are, my selfishness towards physical recovery has kept me from sharing the hamsters and squirrels running around in my mind. That, and pain meds, and binge watching on Netflix. My couch became my nest and for the last, almost two months, I fell back on the ol’ tried and true of Facebooking and ranting my political side. But my political nature makes me frustrated and depressed, and so I have decided to it’s time to write and share again the randomness that oozes when I am not sedated on pain medication.

So a great many things have happened, and contemplation. It’s almost as if the spirit of the phoenix is rising up from the mortal husk to and…


After struggling with the illness of Crohns, 24 years, an impasse has bubbled up from the depths and…

WHO am I without this STRUGGLE?

I still have Crohns, surgery is not a cure. It’s more like a reprieve, until the disease manifests elsewhere in my digestive system and body. Hope is one of crossing fingers, and my eyes, and this potential outcome…may it stay remissive.


For now healing, and focusing my energies towards placing a tippy toe back in the game of life.




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