Maniacal Laughter & a Sickle

So I have this idea, that when I die, the people who could not make amends or would not allow me to approach them to make amends…

ARE NOT INVITED to my funeral.

Seriously this favorite cousin of mine I have it all planned out. He is going to dress up as Death with the sickle and clipboard…I almost giggle at the sight of him standing outside a funeral home…the idea is one of laughter and genius…


I am surely going to Hell for this, if not for the other poorly chosen deeds of my life.

Aaaaand he is going to check people in to my funeral as if those attending are only allowed in to say goodbye, because they are fabulous and part of the “in-crowd”. To be more specific, my in crowd.

Is this terrible to those not allowed in?


Is this horrible of me?


You hurt me while I was living, and…..


I get the last word.



Or do I?

Cause I am dead and like it matters to me?

But the thought of my spirit/soul/essence floating around watching fake ass people say how much they cared and loved me, when they were judgy assholes, well it’s an unbearable thought that makes me shiver and cringe.

So list and Death will be appropriate.

Because if you don’t have the courage to own up, face up to your part of your own hurt and make amends, or wish to hold onto being hurt and not allow me to make amends…

while I’m alive…

You won’t be invited!

Seriously life is short, and there is enough pain that finds it way to each and everyone of us as we travel our journeys. Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself and other’s.

Best done before a person’s expiration date.

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4 thoughts on “Maniacal Laughter & a Sickle

  1. I think this is brilliant. I will probably just ask for a really big guy, like a bouncer, oh and he has to wear a headset stands at the front door. You know what would be really funny? Rent like 20 of those buzzer things they give you at the Olive Garden when your table is ready and give them to guests upon checking in.

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