A day…365

I spent today in Nature, which I always find rejuvenating. My ex-in-laws have a gorgeous over grown 65 acres about 5 minutes away and I have always enjoyed the Autumn weather out there. I called Joey’s Grandma C and she agreed to a visit and a trek to gather wild grapevine, and goldenrod for some early fall crafting projects I have in mind.

There are old orchards, long over grown, wild and bushy, and magical. Magical because underneath the gnarled canopy of branches which filter sunlight into twinkling patchy beams is a world of cool low growing undergrowth and large enough openings that twist and wind into a natural path, that feels soothing and calming. There are silken silvery webs strung half way across the paths. The buzzing of bee’s, and the chatter of birds singing their afternoon glories in the shelter of the shade. Squirrels flitting about in the branches and if one’s ears are listening to the music of tree’s it’s as if being in the middle of a natural symphony triumphantly declaring stillness of bustling life.

Nature has always been a healing for me. I can remember walking in the wooded acres at my Grandmother’s place in Northeastern Oklahoma. I would take off early mornings, and wander until almost dark in the back forty. Following the creek, I would pause sit next to the bubbling water as it lazily babbled by, often sitting on a low growing tree branch or boulder and basking in the warmth of the hot Oklahoma sun. A peculiar interest in the plants and flowers would keep me occupied and collecting them was equally satisfying.  Many afternoons were spent freely and quietly sitting while watching a spider about their business of an afternoon snack snared in their web. Grudgingly I would leave this magical land behind to face reality, always grudgingly.

Nature has always been an escape, my escape.

Nature has always recharged me body and spirit.

Now as adult there are places kept secret, places of magic and peace. Where only my spirit finds refuge in the solitude and embrace under the trees, where my feet, bare soles to the Earth, revel at the cool touch of the soil, the prick of a seasons past, and the sliver of greenery, and from the bottom



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