What I do with mayhem…365

Lately, it seems the better I feel, the faster the events in my life spin around me. But unlike in my 20’s and early 30’s I stand still in the midst of the mayhem.


I have learned with age and experience…( oh gosh, how cliche’!), that no matter what is going on around me, I have to stay centered and on point.

I see the mayhem around as shelves attached to the inside wall of a whirlwind and as life spin about me giving me choices and options to pluck from the chaos…The pick is mine for each and every moment.

Choosing the reaction,  the direction of the chosen purpose and some days events and moments, needs to be, wants to be done, and have’s to be done’s are all spiraling and about ready to spin me around, and the key is to… breathe prioritize make a list, and if that list has 50 items on it and accomplishing only one in a day…there is always tomorrow, and if tomorrow doesn’t come well then, those 49 other things aren’t my problem…they are somebody else’s. I suppose that is a wickedly horrible way to put it, but this twisted thought about reality is what keeps me going while I go insane.

by paintausea



Featured Image courtesy of K4VE