A year’s worth in 1.5 months…365 days

Let’s see where were we?

Kentucky off the get my mother…from the hospital.

She OD’d.

In a suicide attempt on the 13th of September.




That was a nightmare. That was family drama. That was the most horrible experience I have had to date with my mother and trust me the stories I can and will eventually tell, will make you think how in the Sam Hell I ever survived to adulthood. But I did and let’s keep those tales tucked away for another day.

I couldn’t leave to go be with her. I feel some guilt about that. But she was under sedation to allow her body to detox gently from the mass amounts of 3 different medications she took. She was intubated and on a feeding tube, and I feel guilty for not standing vigil at her bedside. But my instincts reminded me she was okay…somehow I knew she was gonna be okay. I also felt that she was under heavy sedation so I would be sitting there…and knowing me reading medical things on the internet and scaring myself and driving nurses and doctors crazy. I was already calling them every four hours…

9-1-2016  Buying our first home!!! Yay!!!


Mother’s calamity hit we were in the middle of remodeling our new home within a 4-week time frame and packing up the apartment.



9-6-2016 Then I was also in route to the Dr. every single morning to have an ulcer of sorts packed with gauze. OMG!!! Immunocompromised is a real pain. So this ulcer (which I am still battling) is staph…not the scary eats holes down to the bone kind (MRSA) but regular good old fashioned staph.

Read More Here


As if, the word good can be used in this context, because, about 14 years ago,  I ended up in the hospital for a week on an antibiotic drip.

So now I had to go see another Dr. because…IMMUNOCOMPROMISED!!!! And I have to have an MRI, with contrast, to make sure the damn staph isn’t in my hip!!!

SERIOUSLY at this point…I am teetering on the edge.

9-29-2016 To add to this, Diddle has an upcoming surgery for a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and to have the tube removed from his ear drum. Pre-surgery consults, and bloodwork

Still fielding the utility switches, walk through the old place to get the deposit back, and you bet your bippies I am still cooking dinner and folding laundry. Not so much cleaning, cause its packed up or…


10-01-2016 This weekend we are moving…Mother is with us and she is not good! Why the hell did the hospital let her out!!! Her complications have to do with being intubated for a week and under sedation.

My soon to be neighbor asks me to do some sewing for a few extra bucks. I agree because hey 40 extra dollars for some eeeeaaazzzzzeee peeezzzee sewing, is well awesome to have some extra bucks.

hey it’s raining money



 But all of this sewing is on a deadline because she makes crafts that fall under the primitive category, and it’s the Holiday Season for making a buck….soooooo,

Let it sew, let is sew, let it sew!

10/10/2016 Diddle’s surgery is done. He has been home for two whole weeks. He must be the only kid in the Universe who refuses to eat popsicles and ice cream. Give him popsicles and ice cream, he will be fine…give him popsicles and ice cream….

Diddle lost 7lbs and his skinny little boy frame looks as if we have starved him. We had to bribe him with computer time to get him to agree to eat…at his request…oatmeal.

He is finally going back to school.

Mother has been back to the hospital three times, twice by squad…breathing complications and she is still there since this past Friday, I go tomorrow  for the MRI, and tonight I sit up sewing Santa Costumes and Snowmen.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot we added a new bundle of joy to our happy crazy life…

Meet LOKI, he’s 7weeks old and is a German Shephard and Boxer mix. He is soooooo mellow!

So there you have you are all caught up now…cross your fingers nothing else happens, knock on wood, say 1,000 Hail Mary’s, and for the sake of sanity…don’t step on any cracks!!!



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