Chasing Robin…Foreword

I can remember the smell of the red-clay and caliche in the air. The glare of the sun, set in a pale blue sky and heralding late morning. A warm Oklahoma wind blew across a field of wheat stringing my fair thin sickly looking hair into my eyes. The green balmy grass beneath the backs of my legs. My step-sister Chris was sitting to my left, she was holding my baby brother. I sat alone watching my Mother talk to my Father. There was so much tension between them. Yet, she showed a fearless pain of defiance mingled with defeat upon the features of her face.
I picked at the grass around me. Pinching the blades off and letting them go in the wind. Small hands grasping and digging into the Earth. The air swirled around me as my chubby fingers tufted at the grass. Somewhere in my child’s world of fascination, a cry, a scream jolted me back to the circumstances around me. My baby brother. His red-faced, in a dirty yellow t-shirt and swelled diaper, he was tearing at my step-sister Chris. Attempting, to rend himself free from her arms. Clawing and reaching, snotting and screaming through giant tears for his “Mom Mom.” I looked to her, my Mother, half way down the gravel dirt drive. Her golden hair a glowing brilliance caught in the wind, her back was to us, she never looked back, not once. She walked to the blue Oldsmobile, not once did she waiver, she opened the passenger door, she never looked up. Standing up I screamed at her. In my child’s heart, I knew. I knew she was leaving us, leaving me, leaving my baby brother and at that moment…
Someone scooped me up and held me in their arms, they kissed my hair, kissed my tears. Someone was loving me in that moment, remembering who doesn’t matter anymore. That day I knew, knew, my Mother didn’t love us anymore and someone else had to.

21 thoughts on “Chasing Robin…Foreword

  1. Hi,
    Is this true or are you a fiction author? I agree with A Momma’s View. I know her. Your writing moved me to sadness. If this is true, I am sorry.
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger also.
    Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about. For example, I write about free tools and tips that can help bloggers.

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      1. No apologies are needed at all. I’m glad I could clear up any confusion. If you could take just a moment to follow my blog, I will be happy to answer any blogging questions you may have.

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      1. I have been reading though. Just kind of scared of anyone liking what I write. I don’t like to write an audience, and yet I know I do. But its literally I put into words, not to sound artsy and cliche’. I don’t like feeling obligated, and most of the time I am so awkward, like when a friend of your friend dies, and you somewhat knew the dead friend of your still living friend…but somehow saying nothing is wrong, and something cheesy is wrong…sometimes obligation feels like that multiplied by 10 for me.

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      2. I have no idea, i have some poems, I just learned glitch that allows me to put videos on my blog. I write about my crappy upbringing. I write about my kids the HIM…people that make me want to run away and build blanket fort. I try to keep my politics off of hear but get ranty about on my twitter. Niche? Am i suppose to have one?

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