Snow Dances, New Years Resolution, SQUIRRELS!!!!!!!!!

Tonight I was going to write in the “Serious Shit” category, but after much contemplation I am not feeling it. It’s as if I share stories based on my real  experiences, I have to stop and let my brain process it.

The Brain is happy with our most recent post and feeling very non-controlling lately.

Which is fabulous. Except non-sleeping is trying to kick in I am fighting back with Melatonin and B-12. Please talk to your doctor if you are thinking about any supplements because, well they went to school for umpteen years and kind of know what they are talking about.


Back to processing… Yes, there we were.

Processing for me is allowing me to purge something and leave it alone, go back and read it and decide to leave it be. Sounds so compartmental and not all stringy like this comedian, I once watched, or was it a self help guru? Well, either way he said that women string everything together and men have all their mental shit packed in boxes.

I think my brain depending on the day works one of the two ways and on other days, only one way.

But anyhow, I have been processing and decided tonight was a good night to catch up with the new followers and touch base with those who have been loyal since I first signed into WP.

I stopped by this lovely young woman’s blog, Beauty Beyond Bones

Her struggles with anorexia and Ulcerative Colitis struck home with me. I have Crohn’s and my GI says I am a binge eater.

Amazing how strangers in the digital world can connect, but we manage to not connect to those who are right beside us in our real worlds?

Then there is Bobby he is new to my gathering of unique thinkers and writers. He is a spiritual fella and he reminded me to be in touch with my inner Love.

I don’t like to say God, or Jesus, or any of the other tags and titles we give to the positive force in our Universe. I like to say it is Love, true, unconditional, no strings, and freely given with no expectations Love.

I used to pray to Love all the time, meditate whatever you want to call it. I have become very lost in the outside of myself and need to reconnect.

So I am making a New Years Resolution and that is to acknowledge the LOVE that I admire and put it out into the world. Because Love heals all grievances with a little hard work.

Then last but not least…there is The Shameful Sheep

If you need a giggle and to tune into your zany joy. This lady has a knack for whimsy and laughter about life. I highly recommend her!

Go on click her link she will love you for it!

There were several other’s but I didn’t get the inspiration until the last three…

Oh wait



And that is where I found the inspiration for this blog post.

Because somehow as I was commenting to The Shameful Sheep and her Winter Time Feels, I began to complain that I live in Ohio and we have had two meager dusting’s….

Then I thought we should get together to have a Native American Snow Dance…then I wondered if there was such a dance as this…


…and this one I thought was original and whacky and had to share it too!!!

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