A few months ago, I allowed myself to become caught up in a conversation about the burka, it was actually naqib and the meme, was sad and the implications with the meme caused greater sadness still.

What I found so appalling was that this meme…


I commented on the post by finding an image of other women from another religion that make a habit of covering their faces…hindu.PNG

and my comment with this image was…”Should we attack women’s religious rights too that are Hindu and cover their face too?”

The replies were appalling to me. Everything in me was thinking the Bill of Rights and the Pilgrims who came to this country for similar reasons pertaining to religious persecution.

I always take an approach to empathy and ask the questions what if this were myself? This, of course, fell upon deaf ears. No one seemingly wanted to step outside and look at it from another angle, it seemed that there was judgment, and a refusal to feel what another person might feel if they were told that their religious dress unlawful.

It seems the hearts of my fellow countrymen are seized with fright

What I find alarming is the line that so many are begging to be crossed.  A very clear line that goes into the freedom of religion, the freedom to religion, and the freedom from religion. It’s scary that so many of my fellow citizens a begging, pleading like dogs licking crumbs from their master’s table to implement yet another law that tears down and weakens the Bill of Rights.

And for what?

In the name of National Security?

I think not.

I think it’s about walking down the street and having safe perceptions that we are all the same, no variables, except what people deem acceptable.

I don’t agree with this type of religious dress, I would be offended if my significant other demanded that I wear this. I think the majority of women who are wearing these are not wearing these out of choice, but out of fear for the reprisal that could come against them for not complying with religious law. On the other hand there may be a few who do choose this for themselves, because of their religious choosing.

I speak up for those who choose not to wear and to wear the naqib, burka, hijab, chador, or the khimar.

That’s what we are encouraging in that part of the world, freedom to, freedom not to, and freedom from.



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