photographs from the family album II

I found this lovely soul among my followers…follower her and you will see through her eyes!

The Scrawlyst

biology lessons for my little daughter

5 your skin is called burka. the darker the better.
remember, everything beneath the burka is yours
but everything not covered by the burka is his. ok,
i’m kidding. everything beneath the burka is also
his only.

4 your face is on your chest. those two mounds of
flesh and fat, with brown circles on them are your
eyes. that’s where people will look while talking to
you. don’t you throw tantrums about it. eye contact
is important, of course.

3 hair is unnatural. dirty. disease. remove all hair
at the first notice. pluck, pull, uproot. best way to do
it? wax, which must be hot enough to loan some of
its heat to the sun. let the napkin i stuffed in your
mouth soak your screams, let the tears in your eyes
wash the floor. pain is okay, hair is not.

2 you…

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