1 word, 1 phrase…UPDATED!!!!!

This is going to be my own challenge, I have been slacking concerning blogging, and writing.

I need to challenge myself, let’s see where this goes. Leave your suggestions in the comments. I will pick from the first 5 comments on every Wednesday. 5 posts within an hour.

Send me a word, a line, a phrase, anything…

Let’s call this speed writing, kind of like speed dating but more interesting.

Throw at me whatever you wish and I will respond as quickly as possible with a poem, story, ect.


UPDATE: It’s Saturday morning it’s 2 am….and I failed my own challenge!!!

I can’t keep promises not even to myself. But I am inspired this evening…so enjoy the next post inspired by chocolate and betrayal.





3 thoughts on “1 word, 1 phrase…UPDATED!!!!!

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