It’s 2 am on a Friday night, in fact, it’s Saturday morning. I hadn’t thought of you for a few years now.

Well that is a lie.

I creep in the online public records. You still live in the same house. A small yellow bungalow with black shutters, and a great big yard. You haven’t married.
I know you think you are off the digital world’s grid, but there is evidence that you exist and I can trace you.

Sometimes I am curious, do you do the same? Trainwreck…as you predicted!

It’s funny how you cross my mind. Scatterings across my memories. The pain continues. One might call it a hushed whisper that takes a gasp while my heart jumps and flutters. Fractions of time passing, flashing and then gone, giving way to happier memories of you and I.

Godiva Chocolate was your first gift. Like an old fashioned school boy, you handed it to me as we sat in the car riding up to Cleveland. Wrapped in golden foil and a bow at the corner…I felt so innocent at that moment with you, as if we were two small specks. Nothing would ever touch us, nothing.

But reality hits when we aren’t looking for it.

Mazzy Star’s “Fade into you” , hummed like a sweet lullaby. The cadence foreshadowing our next three years. Our hands found each other during that car trip. Our fingers caressing a spell that would cover me up in you.

We checked into the Ritz-Carlton. We laid on the large beds you on one and I on the other. Laughing and staring at the ceiling. You face was a look of awe when I stood up and began jumping on the bed. You rolled over, propped up on your elbow. Watching the whimsical joy I found in umping on the bed. Laughing and smiling and your eyes shone with an impish joy, that fueled the silly girl in me. Counting in my head…


I lept across the span and landed in the bed, on the empty space beside you.

You face was a priceless moment of shock, discomfort and awe.

Then you pulled me down and kissed me.

Time gave way to us with that kiss. My heart burst with the blossoms of promise, hope, and an undying affection.


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