Roosters,Preventative Measures,2 fer 1

So you know how I hate that Mother’s Day and my Birthday end up on the same days in some years?

Of course you do! Because you love me or something similar to love but alot more patient. Because I can be exasperating.


I was think it would be a win win this year and you could get me a two fer one at WooWoo King and buy me a set of giant metal roosters!

I know I always say that just because two events fall on one day that doesn’t mean you get me one gift.

But this year…I am granting you the liberty to break my rule!!!

So I was thinking that if you got me the giant metal roosters (plural) from WooWoo King for my Birthday, and another giant metal rooster for Mother’s Day I would be so happy and fold the laundry and put it away for a whole month!!!

Because what woman wouldn’t want Giant “Roosters” for her Birthday and Mother’s Day!!!

(get you’re minds out of the gutter)

Oh the laundry promise does not come with a warranty, or takes backsies.

When I say no takes backsies, that doesn’t translate to you get to take away my 2 Giant Roosters you are going to get me. Because that would be mean and they are a gift and I was nice and said you could get me one gift, a set of these, for both Mother’s Day and my Birthday.

NO Indian Givers!

In all reality I will be doing you a favor, so folding the laundry and putting the laundry away is a gift to you.

You won’t have to grumble that the laundry isn’t folded and put away and I won’t have to hear you grumble about the laundry not being folded and put away.

So we both win, with this one.

You will thank me later.

If you noticed I posted the same image twice. That way you would have a nice visual to guide you as to how darn awesome these will be in our yard, together.

That’s insane!!!

Who would want to mess with insane?

So you also get a two for one bonus!

House security, while you are off at work. You wouldn’t have to worry about anyone stealing us. Because people look a bit off with one giant metal rooster in their yard…but then there are those who appear completely off their rocker’s and put out 2 Giant metal Roosters.

I wonder if our Home Insurance will drop? I think it should because
2 Giant Metal Roosters will scare away those criminal elementy types (no judging), and door to door salesmen (absolutely judging)!

Preventative Measures!

I bet anyone with a criminal elementy type of person (again no judging of course) would drive by and say to themselves…”WHOA!!!, I wouldn’t want to break into that house! They have two Giant Metal Roosters!” I bet they are crazy, and you know crazy people…too risky!”

Then they would break into our neighbors house, and I apologize, in advance, in the event that does happen. Y’all are really nice neighbors…keep to yourselves. I really hope that doesn’t happen…

Maybe we could rent them out to our neighbors…almost like Rent a Chicken..or in this case…Rent a…

nope not gonna go there…but you thought dirty mind gutter stuff too, didn’t ya!

…anyhow the neighbors could rent our 2 Giant Security Metal Chickens. Well maybe just one. Because we wouldn’t want to leave our house unprotected.

So see they will save us money, make us money, protect our home and the laundry will be folded and put away for a month and you get to have a 2 fer 1 on my Birthday and Mothers Day.

Everybody wins!!!!

Especially YOU!



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