UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE Roosters,Preventative Measures,2 fer 1

Continued from Roosters,Preventative Measures,2 fer 1

I have a rooster fetish…There I said it, I love…well you know where that was going, so after my 18yo’s friend sent me the pictures of this lovely fella, I wrote a post detailing to HIM, why I needed 1 of these, and why a 2nd one would add balance. HIM usually has a very wry sense of humor, and find me well exasperating. But after reading my post he found it, “entertaining” yes he said I entertained him. That was last week.

Fast Forward: to this evening, and he say she can’t find the roosters at WuWu KING, and he hands me the credit card, and says go shopping. While shopping I get distracted by the thought I can’t find these guys again, so I think of an alternative gift, a sewing desk. But they are too pricey, so…I settle for an assembly required along with cursing, a headache and glass of wine, eruhm, bottle of wine type of git up.

Then I go back to the rooster hunting…hehehe.

I found these guys. They are arriving this FRIDAY!!!! HOOORAY!!! I got them for the price of the ones originally pictured. The 2 fer special, they I aren’t as big and ominous as these paired up would have been…hims

But they are big enough…tehehehe.

oh yeah

After they are carefully placed about the house…I will be taking pictures. You know, I should totally start sharing my collection of roosters with y’all. Why I like them and carry this obsession with them.

That’s a post for another day!


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