One glass two glass three glass…SNORE

I woke up this morning feeling unusually energetic. I watered the plants I am attempting to nourish into beautiful flowering visual orgasms of color and prepared the ground for more seeds. Yes, everything has been grown from seeds!!! Well except for the salvia that I bought from a neighboring school and few carefully dug up and transplanted orphans. I grow almost everything from seeds.

People ask me, “why not just buy the plants?”

What fun is there in growing a green life, if you can’t bring it up from seed? I don’t know why but I get an insane pleasure out of torturing myself everyday I walk out waiting for the seeds to have burst through their earthen womb…But no it’s never when I want them to grow, it’s never when I expect it. Maybe growing green life from seeds is my lesson in patience and I am not in control.

So back to this morning when I woke up refreshed and ready to greet the day with an      “early bird catches the worm kind of go getter spirit.”

I drank some wine last night. About half of a bottle and I slept sooooo good. AS far back as I can remember I have slept erratically. One week sleep all day, the next I am up til the wee hours, and then it catches up to me. Sometimes it’s as if my brain won’t be quiet, and I lay in bed tossing and turning, ready to scream into my pillow with frustration, because I want to sleep.

There have been long conversations with my Brain and I.

About why I can’t sleep.

The Brain says NOPE! I say YES!

But last night after a whirlwind evening with the kids, and their lives, and mine being the taxi driver, I stopped on the last trip at the liquor store, shamefully bought a bottle of wine, and raced home to our it over crushed ice, and before I knew it….



No racing thoughts, no random I gotta get up and do this, no what is on the agenda for tomorrow, NOTHING.

IT was me the covers, and the PBS Nightly Business Report.


The alarm, and me waking to birds and sunshine, and the smell of brewing coffee.

I felt like a princess who had been kissed by her prince waking from a long slumber!!

Have a good day y’all!!!


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