4 & 1

Four therapy appointments later, and a shrink visit, and there is an eerie calm. Maybe eerie is not the proper word. It seems in my life when there is calm, there is a storm brewing in the distance.

Shoosh Brain, I got this today…grumblings somewhere in the back of my mind!

I meshed with my therapist this last visit, and I think she is a good fit. She reminds me a great deal of my previous therapist, and that is a bonus. I had been with my previous therapist going on 3 years. What hooked me, is as I was leaving she told me to “be myself and that it was okay to lose my shit with her.”

I said that is good because I need to lose my shit in here, or comes out in other ways.

I.E. Wanting to go away…any way I can make it happen.

So that was a great start.

Next was the shrink, He listened to and we went back over the Gene testing, and past and previous medications. And finally we came to a compromise that both of us are happy with.

So cross you fingers, dance a merry jig, around a fiery tornado for me, wave your brooms, and burn some feel good incense that I am finally on the best track ever.

Peace y’all, I will write more tonight.

p.s. Thanks for hanging in here with me.

p.s.s HEEEElO (as in healo) to all my new followers, and readers.

p.s.s.s Have a gorgeous afternoon!!!

Featured Image Exsomnium by Erlend Mork