Anxiety (not mine) June 22nd 2019

Yesterday morning started off rough. It was Kung Fu make up day and Chess Club day at the kwoon. We were suppose to be there at 9 a.m. I woke up at 8:32. Roused the kiddo out of bed, had him put on his uniform, threw some toasted pastries in front of him with a glass of milk, brushed my teeth, washed his feet off ( they go barefoot on the mat, we had a late night making smores around a fire with friends) tossed a jacket on ( no bra, because we were running late) loaded up in the car and to the kwoon we went.

We had to turn around the kiddo forgot to put his sash and left it lay on the couch.

Arrival at the kwoon.

Diddle went to walk in the door, and immediately turn around and had a panic attack. HE was so worried about being late that he freaked. This isn’t the first time. I pleaded, I begged, encouraged, and told him he could do this. But there he sat on the kwoon steps, with tears, and his own level of pleading and begging to go home. I popped in asked another mother to help me, I myself am so at a loss to help my son. His anxiety and panic is relatable, and yet my tools aren’t his tools, and we are building his tool box of coping skills and strategies.

The other mother and I looked at each other, it was at this point that I said,

“Okay, going home is not an option, we worked hard to make it this morning, I am going inside and if you want to remain out here on the stoop…well we will al be waiting for you inside.”

He was crying, he was scared, in his own words, he refused to budge unless we were going to go home.

We both were standing firm in our positions.

With that other mother and I went in to sit down and began a lovely conversations about little men and how peculiar and wonderful they are.

               *to note I try not to say ‘boy’ I see my male children as ‘little men’*

Sifu saw him on the stoop as a patron was entering the kwoon. HE went out side talked to Diddle for like 60 seconds, and


A majikal wand had been waved, and Diddle got up, came inside and went busy catching up with the class.

Sifu is amazing.