This morning, all is quiet in the mind…except for,

Everything that is running through it.

To give you a glimpse, would be WARNING you are gonna get a glimpse.

Glimpse TIME:

AS I sit here writing this, I am thinking in a million different directions, first there is this thought about me writing this…

The writing thought has at least five thoughts on it’s own,

Am I writing this and does anyone care? I care, and maybe someone will begin to understand, what I don’t understand.

Grammar, punctuation, don’t use too many comma’s, I love comma’s they are the best punctuation ever!!!


they are even decorative

The kid better be leaving his “ugly dress like coat” on, it’s a nice coat, name brand, but he would rather wear a jacket and freeze in 20* temps than be warm and snugly in what he calls the “ugly dress like coat”. He just came into the kitchen wearing his jacket over the “UDLC”!!!! He is trying, and yes there is double meaning meant to be taken with that word.

My coffee pot beeped about ten minutes ago, my coffee is getting cold, I am getting cold sitting next to the window.

Then comes the fun stuff, you know the stuff that makes me feel oh so happy joy wonderful( sarcasm)

Then there are thoughts that…

Wait I have to check on the UDLC and make sure the kid didn’t take it off, I should let him freeze, but that tactic…

He just took it off…my brain is ready to explode with irritation….

Be right back, ugh I have dishes to put away, and laundry to start, a blog post to publish, and seriously I will be right back….

THe UDLC coat is off, and if the kid wants to freeze then I suppose he can double up his jackets, they are after all fleece, and he is wearing a hat, a scarf and gloves.

What first grader worries about coat fashion? Mine!!!!

The cat just came in swishing his tail, demanding fresh water, I need to go bust the ice on the dogs water dish.

This goes on like this every single moment of my day.

No wonder I am so tired all the time.

Ugh, the cat just dumped his water, why does he do this? I filled his water bowl 30 minutes ago, silly cat.